CentralSanta Lucķa

The photographs that follow are of some of Santa Lucia's passenger cars, during and post construction. The photos have been providedcourtesy of The Gregg Company, Ltd., Hackensack, NJ., which manufactured thecars for CSL c1915.

The photographs are reprints from original plaques, thus the reason for some of the spots and scratches throughout. The touch-upperformed on these has been to eliminate some blemishes, the relocationof 'The Gregg Co. Ltd.' marking to the bottom right of the touched-up photos, aswell hiding of the photograph numbers.

Specification sheet English / Spanish

Coach car construction framing > Untouched/ Touched up

Coach car construction exterior > Untouched/ Touched up

Coach car finished > Untouched/ Touched up

Coach car end view > Untouched/ Touched up

First Class car interior 1 > Untouched / Touchedup

Coach Class car interior 2 > Untouched/ Touched up

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Last updated: 02/22/2013